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                                            Welcome To The Irion County Research Project


Irion County located in the beautiful state of Texas is rich in Heritage.When doing genealogy research you might not find another county as interesting as Irion.From Native American Indians,to the Spanish,to now present day.This part of the state is rich in heritage.


It's now spring,and the nice weather is giving us some good reason to get out there in the field,and stretch our stiff legs some,even though we have no complaints about this last winter being as mild as it was.We just to hope to hear more from some of you,on how your research is going in the area,but it's understandable we all get busy in this type of research.Just a friendly reminder to get that information document,because every trail we're on,sever are looking for paths off it,so sharing what we have goes along ways in this community.

My name is Elizabeth Montgomery.I'm a member of the Irion County Research Project in the beautiful state of Texas.We're on a quest helping those searching for past names when it comes to their family genealogy in the Irion County area.We can't do personal research for you,but we'll make note of it here sharing what's being sought by you,so maybe others can help with the missing pieces of the puzzle.Working together sharing information is vital when it comes to a break-thru for many of us on our hunt for past information.


Currently ...I'm also researching some forgotten Confederate Grave Sites located through out the state of Texas.We are visiting one next month to gather data on who these long lost individuals are.We most definitely will keep you updated on our findings.

Some of us have Spanish,Native American,French,German,and many other nationalities in our heritage,and thus making our search of the past all that much more complicated when tracking down our roots. We hope to have this page a knowledgeable data base for those seeking genealogy in the area.



                             Old Graveyards & Cemeteries Are A Good Starting Point For Family Research



When we receive a letters from families looking into their genealogy,and especially when it pertains to the Irion County area,one place of research we strongly recommend to them is to look into some of the cemetery records,or sites that have recorded the grave stone information.It's a quick source,and in some cases helped them locate who they were searching for.There is a site we'd like to share with you,with some information that was provided by Cindy Koegel.She did an AMAZING job listing names of people who were buried in the various cemeteries in Irion County.So if you're looking for a relative that might have been around these parts.Then take a few minutes,and check out Cindy's tombstone information.You may get lucky..:)




We'd like to add that we'll be doing hands on research on some of the unknown cemeteries in Irion County.We'll be documenting the names we find on the tombstones.Most of these grave stones lay flat,or have fallen flat on the ground over time.It's best leaving them lay,in order to prevent damage to the stone by placing it back upright.We assume it'll take most of the summer of 2011 before we document my findings.If you know of any old,and un-documented cemeteries in Irion County.Please contact us at the e-mail below.



                                                             Native American & Spanish Heritage In The Area



 We get a few e-mails a year asking us where would be the best place to look in Irion County for descendants that were Spanish & Native American in roots.Some of these letters made us fall out of our chairs,when asking where are the records of births in the early 1800's for Native American women.


The white settlers in the area at that time were not on the best of sides with the Native American People,not to mention the the Mexican Army.So what I'm saying is,that there is no way on this Earth we find out that kinda of information,let alone would they have shared that information among each other back in those times.


It's a sad chapter in history when the land has a brief culture for a specific period of time,only to be replaced by another.Not all fled,and over time have blended in with the population that is of today.Some moved on,some relocated,and in some cases some just seemed to vanish like a scent in the wind.


We will post any research findings pertaining to these two cultures, no matter how insignificant at the site.Whether it be names,graves,or birth records of Native American,or of Spanish origin.In time there will be links added that may be able to help you in your search.This is an area we know so little about,but we assure you we'll pass everything along that we find.



                                                                           Latest Research Project


 We're now working on the investigation of the Zwillweger Ranch.We're assuming it's located on private property,and the property owners themselves may be unaware of its existence on their land.Texas is full of land where the owners have no clue what the property history was.Locating this ranch,will help locate a lost forgotten cemetery that was associated with it.We have now gathered enough information to start a search this spring.We will keep you updated on our findings.



                                                                            Irion County Surname Data


 We'll be adding popular surnames associated with Irion County in the very near future.We'll go back as far as we can,so please be patient till they are uploaded to the site.This will save us a lot of time,and help the visitors save their time as well.We'll add what we know about each specific name,but we can't guarantee everything as a 100% proof.We can only do the best that we can,and present the information as how we found it.Please check back for further updates.There is a Research Team that will be staying in Texas this year helping in the search.We thank you.


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